Amigapallo A web development blog by Anssi Kinnunen


Hi! My name is Anssi Kinnunen and I’m a full stack web developer and devops specialist from Finland.

This blog existing because I want to publish my thoughts on modern web development and infrastucture automation. I’ll be also sharing useful tips and tricks on things that have puzzled me but which I’ve eventually managed to solve.

The idea of setting up a blog started after I finally completed a personal project where I moved all my web applications from an old server to a new one. On the new environment everything is automated. I’m using Ansible for provisioning and deployment. The applications are all docker containers and I’m hosting them in a private docker registry. The whole server is hardened using iptables, fail2ban and various other applications. I’ve also got monitoring and alerting set up and for that I’m using Prometheus and Grafana. Email sending and receiving is done with Postfix.

On the programming side I like to do things with Ruby, JavaScript, Scala and Java 8. I’m planning to write my next project using Clojure. I write a lot of tests and want my code to be as clean as possible.